From our roots supporting Life Cycle Engineering’s broad technology-centric service portfolio comes a deep understanding of building highly capable, customer-focused teams able to accomplish mission-critical projects with minimal ramp-up time and within budget.  Here are some examples of our success:

Enterprise Evaluation and Certification

Problem: When systems changes or new external systems were introduced into the secure production environment, it resulted in issues with system degradation or failure.

Solution: E2C provides coordination, infrastructure, and expertise to support System of Systems (SoS) end-to-end test events after system changes or new systems are approved, but prior to fielding.

Since 2009, LCE has successfully provided design, architecture and implementation of an overarching end-to-end, multi-platform network architecture called the Virtual Hosting Environment (VHE), to host, plan, and execute test events so that security and configuration issues could be quickly identified and mitigated.  In doing so, LCE has provided an efficient, sustainable, reliable and cost-effective solution which has identified numerous risks and vulnerabilities, allowing for successful mitigation and eliminating system degradation and failures prior to being moved to a live environment.  LCE also performed the security scans and overall security posture assessment of all systems and capabilities, as well as the VHE itself, for which LCE led the Certification and Accreditation (C&A) to achieve an ATO.


Problem: Integrating multiple disparate systems for the collection, analysis and effective reporting of big data in a complex and heavily restricted environment.

Solution: LCE utilized agile product development to support the Marine Corps Palantir effort by taking the COTS application and performing the customization, integration, back-end development, and connectivity of Palantir to Marine Corp web services for real-time data processing, archival, and retrieval of big data. In addition, the capabilities of existing taxonomies and ontologies were enhanced and standardized for increased efficiency in the advanced analysis of big data.


Problem: A combination of manual processes and dissonant applications and resources housed in an insecure, unreliable, outdated environment with aging equipment and unsupported operating systems.

Solution: Since 2007, LCE has architected and implemented a solution incorporating a new network infrastructure design and the development of a single portal where all relevant applications, processes and resources have been automated and housed. Through multi-vendor, multi-platform network architecture, virtualization, secure application development, integration, database expertise, and information security certification and accreditation, LCE has created a highly reliable, secure portal where all DDESB information is readily available, eliminating all initial concerns regarding performance, maintainability, reliability, security and accessibility. LCE is currently migrating to an approved Amazon web service and continues to support the environment, portal and associated applications providing maintenance, security, on-going monitoring and updates for the environment.

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